What We DO

Expertise in Biofuels and Agriculture

Equinox provides subject-matter expertise and capabilities to analyze, research, and develop new projects and products in the biofuels, bio-conversion and agribusiness industries.

US and International Experience

We serve clients in the US and around the globe with a team of partners that have expertise in financial analysis, project management, strategic planning, engineering, and operations.

Early-Stage Project Development

We provide third-party feasibility analysis for projects that need a second opinion, or more horsepower to determine if a project is feasible. The independent view can help identify key risks and opportunities that may not have been noted internally.

How can we Help?

Feasibility Study


Is it Feasible? 

A feasibility study evaluates new opportunities to provide management and other stakeholders with insights on the opportunities and risks for a particular project or business.  The Feasibility study includes evaluation of the market, technical, operational, organizational, and financial aspects of the project.

Business Plans


How are you going to get there?  

To chart your path forward, it is important to develop a detailed plan.  We help clients develop their plans by assisting them in developing well-founded Business Plans, Commercialization Plans, and Go-To-Market Strategy which formalizes the plan for internal and external partners.

Project Development


Need Assistance in Developing?

New projects, businesses, products, and technologies take time and resources to develop.  We work with clients to assist in their project development efforts - helping to plant the seed and enable it to grow.  Our team can assist in selecting vendors including builders and design, contracting for inputs and off-takes, and marketing.

Strategic Planning


What is the plan?

When developing a strategic plan, it  is important to have a focused road map that considers the markets, competitive forces, pricing, resources, and a successful business model for the future.  We work closely with clients, including their Management team and Board of Directors, to assist in developing and updating their strategic plans.

Financial Analysis


What do the numbers say? 

Financial analysis and projections are the cornerstone of any new product or project.  Solid financial analysis can shape your commercialization plans. Our team builds extensive financial models which include sensitivity analysis to identify the key variables and risks.  The models include pro forma financial statements and allow for analysis across multiple scenarios and operating conditions.

Market Analysis & Research


Considering entering a new market?

Our team provides subject matter expertise for agribusiness, biofuel, biochemical, and bio-energy markets.  We provide clients with comprehensive analysis of new markets by collecting data and evaluating the market structure for demand, supply, pricing, and other market conditions to help position your new project for success.


Our Work

  • Ethanol Plant Expansion Feasibility Analysis
  • Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Market Analysis
  • Add-on Technology Commercialization
  • Feasibility Study for Value-added Agriculture
  • Cellulosic Ethanol Supply Chain Development
  • Financial Analysis and Due Diligence for Third Parties


Other Services

Detailed Financial Analysis

We can take your financial analysis to another level.  Equinox provides clients with detailed financial projections which can include:

  • Sensitivity analysis on major variables to identify potential risks and opportunity
  • Scenario analysis and planning to determine impact on plant size, market conditions, and project structure.
  • Stochastic modeling to evaluate the impact and correlation of certain risks in the financial projections

Assistance with grants, staffing, and organizational plans

With our industry knowledge and contacts, we also assist clients in ancillary roles including:

  • Grant Writing
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Developing a detailed project schedule
  • Organizational charts and plans


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